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Associate Veterinarian:


To be the pet’s advocate and to provide the pet with the most comprehensive and skilled care desired by the pet’s owner,

To maximize client education by helping the owner understand aspects of pet health and preventative care through conversation, literature, educational guides and additional discussion when required,

To always provide the pet and the owner with compassionate and humane care,

To adhere to the highest medical and ethical standards by making a commitment to honesty, integrity, client satisfaction, service, and to the human-animal bond.


We currently are a 2.5 doctor, privately owned, mixed animal practice in beautiful Star Valley, WY. We are located an hour southwest of Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park, and about an hour and a half south of Yellowstone. We fervently believe in practicing high quality medicine with the help of every member of our team. Our practice owner and practice manager, as well as our technician team lead, have been with our team since 2006. The majority of our team members have been with our practice for 7+ years. We believe in continuing education, open door policies, regular and compassionate communication amongst the team and leadership, and desire an all-inclusive approach to how our team functions. We love the outdoors! Kayaking, snowmobiling, horseback riding, and hunting are just a few of the regular activities our team members enjoy on a regular basis, oftentimes going together with multiple members of our team. We emphasize the importance of accomplishing a successful work-life balance, splitting call between all 4 veterinarians equally. Regular staff lunches are enjoyed by all team members, as our office closes for the lunch hour. We always celebrate birthdays (kitty litter cake, anyone?) employment anniversaries for every staff member, and hugely celebrate all the “appreciation” weeks throughout the year.


We currently are a mixed animal practice, comprised of roughly 70% small animal and 30% equine patients. Our business has been growing at an unprecedented rate over the past few years and we would love to offer an associate either a full or part-time position. Both small animal only, and mixed animal veterinarians are welcome on our team. We do offer after-hour services to our community. That on-call rotation is split equally amongst our veterinary doctors, as well as our veterinary technicians.

Currently our veterinarians receive the following in their benefits package:

• Profit Sharing
• Paid Continuing Education
• Paid Licensing
• Paid AVMA membership
• Paid Time Off
• Paid Liability Insurance
• Monthly Health Insurance Stipend
• Scrub Allowance

Please contact us for compensation information. We can’t wait to chat with you!

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